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K u  C hi - C hun

A Thousand Years Art


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Heroine Series

2022 Art Capital Paris at Grand Palais - Champ de Mars started on 15th February. There was a long queue outside the venue that day, and about 9,000 people visited.

The works in this exhibition show the possibility of women in the new era by reinventing heroic characters. With the heroic attitude of women, it overturned the secular view of women and the imagination of heroes, and also combined beautiful craftsmanship, specially designed totems and asked the masters who specialize in embroidering palace flowers and birds to embroider by hand.

With the heroic attitude of women, it overturns the secular view of women and the imagination of heroes. It shows both modern and traditional elements, and have attracted the attention of art collectors from all over the world!


Mineral Painting Series

Her creative inspiration and techniques come from the Thangka of Tibetan Buddhism. Like a dazzling kaleidoscope, she gathers the beauty and positive energy of the world in her works. In terms of creation, the original regular shape of the mandala is changed, and it becomes an asymmetrical bloom in a lotus-like radiating shape, which is presented in this abstract form. From the composition and geometry of the shape-symbolizing the uncertainty of life time and space, geometry The repeated color changes in the outline of the interior also imply the speed and passage of time in the physical space. The series of paper-based gum color flowers reconstructs new forms with contemporary vocabulary. The meticulous process includes complicated procedures, and more than 20 layers of hand-mounted frames create a collage-like effect, which is both practice and self-healing. The Swarovski crystals on the screen represent the finishing touch to purify the energy magnetic field. Gold leaf and silver leaf are also frequently used as important media. Under the layers of brilliance in her works, there is a restrained and steady soul, which can thoroughly see the rules and order. Every time you watch it, it is a journey of meditation.

This series of creations has obtained the new patented technology of the Republic of China


Calligraphy  Series

The concept of writing is expressed through traditional oriental romance. 

What is the significance of writing? In the pursuit of our various interests, we tend to ignore our inner mind and spirit, which can be brought forth through writing. Instead, we are dependent on modern technological conveniences, such as cell-phones, video games, and other visual entertainment. In today's society where the value of writing has diminished rapidly, Chi-Chun Ku, a calligrapher and painter, strives to share the beauty of calligraphy with the world, and revive the inner spirit.

Chi-Chun Ku's series of artworks depicts the transformation of writing that has taken place over the millennia. Her artworks also integrate the artist's colloquial poems within, expressing younger generation's various outlooks towards today's society. with that of her 2013 artwork Monologue, which presents a metaphor of traditional oriental romance characterized by sprinkling snowflakes, along with an imperial background of bold yellow. Chi-Chun Ku also applies a delicate and refined sculpture layering and technique in order to prepare snowflakes.

For a calligrapher such as Chi-Chun Ku, the meaning of writing is to create a new and independent model that neither fools the audience nor replicates masterpieces. Instead, by recreating a genre, refining language, capturing images and ideas, and exploring one's imagination , Chi-Chun Ku can showcase her exquisite style and present a whole new world of writing.  

Buddhist Calligraphy Collection

The artist's parents and grandparents are devout Buddhists. After retiring, her grandparents gained a heartfelt desire to repair a temple for evangelism and prayer for the local people. Believers can purchase the collection, and it can be hung in the hall to bring in good fortune.

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