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Calligraphy Series

Calligraphy  Series

The concept of writing is expressed through traditional oriental romance. 

What is the significance of writing? In the pursuit of our various interests, we tend to ignore our inner mind and spirit, which can be brought forth through writing. Instead, we are dependent on modern technological conveniences, such as cell-phones, video games, and other visual entertainment. In today's society where the value of writing has diminished rapidly, Chi-Chun Ku, a calligrapher and painter, strives to share the beauty of calligraphy with the world, and revive the inner spirit.

Chi-Chun Ku's series of artworks depicts the transformation of writing that has taken place over the millennia. Her artworks also integrate the artist's colloquial poems within, expressing younger generation's various outlooks towards today's society. with that of her 2013 artwork Monologue, which presents a metaphor of traditional oriental romance characterized by sprinkling snowflakes, along with an imperial background of bold yellow. Chi-Chun Ku also applies a delicate and refined sculpture layering and technique in order to prepare snowflakes.

For a calligrapher such as Chi-Chun Ku, the meaning of writing is to create a new and independent model that neither fools the audience nor replicates masterpieces. Instead, by recreating a genre, refining language, capturing images and ideas, and exploring one's imagination , Chi-Chun Ku can showcase her exquisite style and present a whole new world of writing.  

得失一時 銀箔絹扇 24x32cm
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