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NFT 24 Tarot Ideas  

"I have always created with my curiosity about life." Artist Gu Qijun's latest NFT encrypted art work was launched on TopBidder in July. The works are brought into Switch games, Japanese manga, cartoons, movies, exploring dreams, life and death, sleep... add imagery elements to the encryption tarot cards, and create a series of her representative work Waltz of Flowers full of joyful spirit, and create a second creation of tarot cards full of fantasy images in the contemporary ACG world, each full of life stalks and cards in life Combining art-selected collections in this special contemporary Tarot, both understanding-laughing and experiencing the Tarot journey of numerology.

Since she was inspired by the allusions of thangka paintings: after she started to meditate, she often dreamed that she was in a forest where the animals and plants around her were glowing, and people who were glowing, but after waking up from the dream, she returned to the real city life. Reality or illusion, she was fascinated by Tarot and psychotherapy. The tarot cards are deliberately made into mottled and broken paper patterns, and the outline is created with a faded and retro beauty. The thin lines create a strong sense of history; the flower of heaven extends from the center of the card, looking directly at the card, implying the life. The trajectory has ups and downs in plot development. The intertwined plant vines symbolize that the human body has an infinite energy magnetic field, and the magnetic force will attract the bow | to the place where it should go. She regards life as a game that cannot be returned to blood, finds out the essence of the game strategy book of life, meets all the events that should be completed, the people that should be met, and the experience of living in the moment to create.

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22-The World The second half of the Grand Line.png
18-The Star Kirby.png
02-The Magician Water Breath.png
12-The Justice Cosmo Pride Team.png
24-The joker Dragon Mother Danyilisi.png
23-The joker I will be willful.png
04-The Empress love is justice.png
16-The Devil Let’s work part time, Lord Devil.png
05-The Emperor overlord color domineering.png
14-Death The Last Crescent Moon Opposition.png
15-Temperance Mr. Krabs who regards money as his life.png
19-The Moon Sailor Moon .png
07-The Lovers protect sweetheart.png
11-The Wheel of Fortune Spin the wheel of fortune.png
20-The Sun The Winged Dragon of the Sun God.png
01-The Fool The Adventures of Tom.png
13-The Hanged Man Spider-Man secretly kissed a reporter.png
10- The Hermit Zhushen Dusk, the Seventh Fist Hero.png
08-The Chariot.png
03-The High Priestess Moon Fairy.png
17-The Tower The Hunchback of Notre Dame.png
09-Strength Heroic PersonalityOne·for·All.png
21-Judgemen Dinosaur Judge.png
06-The Hierophant Miao Zen Master.png
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