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Fong Tian TemplexKu Chi-Chun

Complete protection of the tiger year and the fortune


In 2022, Ku Chi Chun, an international artist who is going to exhibit her artworks at Art Capital, grand palais éphémère in Paris, France. She is grateful for the blessing of Mazu, a tertiary historical site in Taiwan, "Xingang FongTian Temple" , and designed 4 kinds of heart lantern as NFT artistic creations for the 400th year of the temple's construction this year.


In order to support traditional Taiwanese artists, Xingang FongTian Temple is looking forward to more interactions with young people on the blockchain. Together with Ku Chi Chun, NFT creations are released - Blessing lantern, Bright lantern, Fortune lantern, and Marriage Lantern, integrating the virtual and real cultural assets of the temple:


Anyone who buys a blessing NFT lantern, will also light a physical lantern in the Xingang FongTian Temple. It combines festival culture and promotes the popularity of NFT, and promotes the unique Taiwanese traditional Mazu culture overseas. The NFT image can also be saved on the mobile phone as wallpaper, blessing you peace and prosperity at any time, and great luck in the Year of the Tiger.

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