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NFT Charm Season 

The Artist uses crypto's language to create Taoist magic figures, using her own creative design. The Bitcoin's magic figures will bring you luck and good fortune.

For example, "Whale" uses graphics and Chinese characters to present interesting characters with whales on the top; and leaves the fish and the tails below.

To prevent you from reading the wrong signals, this talisman will bless an Anti-Bull-Trap charm on your wallet. It will stop reckless all-in thoughts to save your crypto investment in the future.

Don't neglect your cold wallet, she also needs your love and care. Add this virtual blessing art, the seal is pasted in your cold wallet, to disperse hackers, prevent leakage of wealth, wealth and auspiciousness to ensure safety, and it is suitable for gifting and personal use.

The last two giant whales and Satoshi Nakamoto are open for purchase and collection:

Media Exposure:

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