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the princesses 

"Nobody cares who you really are."

Instead of being taught to be brave and stand up for themselves like boys, girls have been taught to be "perfect" since they were young.

Artist Ku Chi-Chun created the princesses to embody freedom from others' expectations.

Unexpectedly these princesses, throw away the "lovely and gentle" stereotype, and suddenly roll their eyes and become assertive; In the meantime, they turn into "misanthropic" princesses with no warmth. Would you still like the princesses who are not sweet and cute , instead they are fierce and cold?

Ku Chi-Chun is a well-known artist in calligraphy and painting. She created the "エンセイキ魔世姬" only on the OwlTing NFT platform. Expecting to break the expectations of the princess and establishing a brand-new worldview through this series.

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