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Gouache/swarvoskiS crystals /Japanese foil/Mica

Mineral Painting

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Mineral Painting Series

Chi-Chun's artworks combine the techniques of colored painting found in Dunhuang Murals and Thangka paintings from Tibet. All pigment is made from animal gelatin by her studio; Chi-Chun also uses Austrian brand Swarovski as the vendor of the crystals in her paintings, and uses Japanese pure gold foil. These organic elements, combining both modesty and luxury into each art piece, presents concepts of family, happiness, richness, and wealth. 

The themes of Chi-Chun's artistic creations are the feminine elements of emotion, music, love, and poetry. To express these concepts, she imagines her paintings as lovers, and her clients as friends. Her paintings and their eventual owners play out a sort of romantic story, filled with passion, appreciation, and love.  

Her creative inspiration and techniques come from the Thangka of Tibetan Buddhism. Like a dazzling kaleidoscope, she gathers the beauty and positive energy of the world in her works. In terms of creation, the original regular shape of the mandala is changed, and it becomes an asymmetrical bloom in a lotus-like radiating shape, which is presented in this abstract form. From the composition and geometry of the shape-symbolizing the uncertainty of life time and space, geometry The repeated color changes in the outline of the interior also imply the speed and passage of time in the physical space. The series of paper-based gum color flowers reconstructs new forms with contemporary vocabulary. The meticulous process includes complicated procedures, and more than 20 layers of hand-mounted frames create a collage-like effect, which is both practice and self-healing. The Swarovski crystals on the screen represent the finishing touch to purify the energy magnetic field. Gold leaf and silver leaf are also frequently used as important media. Under the layers of brilliance in her works, there is a restrained and steady soul, which can thoroughly see the rules and order. Every time you watch it, it is a journey of meditation.

This series of creations has obtained the new patented technology of the Republic of China

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