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​ Xiong Kun (Hong Kong)

Co-Founder, Green Purifiers

I am a graduate student at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. I am now starting a smart helmet business, and I have received several million in financing. Now I am also doing technical research on robots and drones to accumulate strength for my next venture. Corrine is also my classmate of Peking University HSBC. She is a very talented and friendly artist. I have seen many of her calligraphy works, which are really amazing. In the process of communicating with Corrine, I learned a lot about what Corrine wants to do. She really puts her heart into teaching students calligraphy. Communicating with her can learn a lot of very practical writing skills. This course is not only to learn calligraphy, but also to learn about the profound Chinese culture, which benefits students a lot physically and mentally. Corrine is a very good teaching teacher. She knows how to stimulate the potential of students, how to guide students correctly, and cultivate students' interest. Really recommend Corrine's calligraphy class.


Jerry  (Taiwan)

Takeshiro Design Executive Director

Before participating in this training, I never thought that I could create such wonderful works. This course gave me a wealth of knowledge, not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical operations. The instructors are not only professional, but also passionate, and their guidance enables each of us to master the techniques and display a unique style in our creations. After the course, I feel like my artistic horizons have been greatly expanded and I have begun to apply what I have learned to my daily life and work. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in aesthetics and creation, it will definitely make your art journey more exciting!

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James Chong (Hong Kong)

​Head of Hong Kong accounting firm

The field of traditional Chinese culture has always been a part I want to try to get in touch with. With advanced modern technology, only a very small number of ethnic groups who value culture can write with a pen. I immigrated to New Zealand since I was a child to get in touch with Western culture, so I pay more attention to the cultural heritage. study education. Before the course started, I also fantasized about whether I could achieve the effect of meditation and healing after I was busy with work after taking this course.


After starting the course, I found that the direction of the classroom teaching is not the same as I imagined. We learned some practical writing operations and life-like words. The course is not used to write ancient poems, but to teach us how to apply them to modern life. The writing words, sentences and skills in the book not only learn traditional skills at the same time, but also can be applied in life.

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​Jiang Haihai (Taiwan)

​Real estate agents

The change of the times  The art education method also needs breakthroughs and innovations

After personal experience, I would recommend Mr. Gu Qijun's courses to everyone


I remember when I was a child learning calligraphy, I felt bored and unable to develop enthusiasm for art

But when I met Teacher Gu Qijun, my view on art completely changed

She makes art come alive and lets you feel and create with your heart

I feel that learning art is so enjoyable

Thank you Teacher Gu Qijun for making me fall in love with art

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Liu Wei (UK/China)

Founder of China-UK Business Center (UK)

As a Chinese living overseas, I have seen many international artists, however, Miss Ku is the one of the best and most talented Asian artists who gives me the most inspirations. I have witnessed her creating a masterpiece in Hong Kong. The messages conveyed from her painting are more than traditional calligraphy, but a heavenly aesthetic from the bottom of her heart and rich experience. Trust me, what she can offer to the world and you is not only traditional calligraphy, but also the ways to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of oriental art and life philosophy. I highly recommend this course to the ones who are interested in improving their calligraphy skills, sense of art and your body-mind-spirit harmony.


I strongly recommend Mr. Gu Qijun's courses to everyone. I had the honor to witness Mr. Gu's inscription and courses for an international youth leader event in Hong Kong. Her serenity and serenity in artistic creation, her relentless pursuit of artistic creation, her inheritance of classical culture, and her integration of modern glue and color painting have brought me a flexible touch and cultural pride. I sincerely recommend Teacher Gu’s online class to everyone. I believe her class will allow you to understand oriental aesthetics, experience the joy of meditation, and fall in love with the art of calligraphy and painting.

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George Wu (Taiwan)

Shanghai Shanrong Maojin Technology Co., Ltd.

Project Director

I can't stand the ordinary calligraphy learning courses. I was overwhelmed by the teacher's teaching method in the first class. I used to skip the filming class. This is the first time I have the courage to buy it, and I don't regret it at all.

Great class, you can learn a lot of practical writing skills. There will be homework every week. In addition, you can learn the history of calligraphy

If you are worried that the effect of online learning is not good, it is definitely not the main consideration, because online learning mainly relies on self-study and teacher tips, and the teacher has never been stingy with giving many years of calligraphy practice secrets!

Anatomy of the current situation of Asian calligraphy, the problem of creating calligraphy that you have never thought about, not just talking on paper, the teacher's practice and exhibition experience tell you the most real situation


In addition, cultivating your meditation SOP is no longer just practicing calligraphy. The "Secret of Meditation" is an important reminder from the teacher!

People who practice calligraphy, devote themselves wholeheartedly to calligraphy, often forget all their troubles, forget their favors and disgraces, and live a very happy and fulfilling life. Especially for those who are retired or have a lot of free time, once you become fond of calligraphy, you will never rest, empty and not idle. Complacent, persevering, and tireless.

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Linda Tseng (Taiwan)

Vice President/Brand Director of Biotechnology Company

"To have a piece of pure land in the hustle and bustle of the city is to hold a pen and write simple and ordinary writing, and the writing will be clear in pieces"

Both a teacher and a friend, relaxed and elegant with a touch of scholarly fragrance, Mr. Gu Qijun.

It is not necessary to use fine brushwork to formulate the depth of each person's brush strokes, and the calligraphy works created according to one's heart are the real infusion of the soul. Everyone has different personalities and different wrist strengths. Each stroke is clear and the words are taught in accordance with their aptitude. Generously share at every turning point of creation, Mr. Gu is the guide who leads you to break through the imperfection of psychology, but a calligraphy and painting pieced together is a display of a "person", a self-portrait presented in calligraphy.


In the painting and calligraphy world of the new generation, Mr. Gu Qijun is definitely one of the best in Chinese calligraphy and painting.

In the ranking of paintings, solid fine brushwork does not stick to oriental dogmatic brushstrokes. It is another fantasy journey in Teacher Gu's course study. I highly recommend such a wonderful course to everyone. It is a kind of life art

practice door.



Well-known bilingual middle school tutor

I am very fortunate to be able to invite well-known contemporary art/calligraphers and painters to the school to serve as the representative of the career fair, and to share with the students very valuable art life experience. Mr. Gu accurately and vividly analyzes the cultivation system and fame of Taiwanese and international artists The way and the shaping of self-image, the law of supply and demand in the art market, etc., his professionalism and vision are amazing! Let students be a model of their dreams, how to maintain the core value of the economy and self on the way to realize their dreams.

Mr. Gu's paintings are also the first choice of many well-known companies. The images designed bring viewers unlimited imagination and good mood; Mr. Gu's calligraphy exudes strong strength and vitality, which is shocking and extremely Distinctive; but Teacher Gu herself is gentle, beautiful and kind. Her beliefs will make people want to keep moving forward and learning with her!

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​Xin Ting

HP computer

Business Operation Analysis

You don't have to be in the arts to learn art. Art actually permeates our life. No matter what field you work in, you can add the influence of art to make your life more interesting. The art of calligraphy and painting is a symbol of elegance and temperament in the Chinese world. Through Corrine's class, you can enjoy the fun of art learning while enjoying the time of the course itself. Each class can have your own work, which has a sense of accomplishment and breaks away from the traditional way of learning calligraphy and painting, making class itself a high-level Textured leisure activities.

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​ Xiong Kun (香港)

Green Purifiers 共同創業者

私は香港科学技術大学の大学院生で、現在スマートヘルメットのビジネスを始めており、数百万の融資を受けています。現在はロボットやドローンの技術研究も行っており、次のベンチャーに向けて力を蓄えています。 Corrine は北京大学 HSBC の私の同級生でもあり、とても才能がありフレンドリーなアーティストです。私は彼女の書道作品をたくさん見てきましたが、本当に素晴らしいです。コリーヌとのコミュニケーションの過程で、私はコリーヌが何をしたいのかについて多くのことを学びました. 彼女は生徒たちに書道を教えることに真剣に取り組んでいます.彼女とのコミュニケーションは、非常に実用的なライティングスキルをたくさん学ぶことができます.このコースは、書道を学ぶだけでなく、中国の奥深い文化についても学ぶことができ、学生の身体的および精神的に多くの利益をもたらします。 Corrine は非常に優秀な教師であり、生徒の可能性を刺激する方法、生徒を正しく指導する方法、生徒の興味を育む方法を知っています。 Corrineの書道クラスを本当にお勧めします。








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Wang Hao (Beijing)

Israel Investment Bank Asia Direct Partners Associate Director

It is said that writing is history that can be seen. Calligraphy is actually an elegant thing to get close to history and communicate with the ancients. Because of the high pressure of work, I think calligraphy can relieve pressure and understand one's own affairs.

The teacher's class breaks through the limitation of space and allows me to touch the art of writing. The beauty of calligraphy is ancient, elegant, quiet and upright.

One is ancient and elegant, the beautiful teacher wears ancient costumes, imparts the secrets of calligraphy, practical skills, and is enamored.

The second is quietness and uprightness, understanding the history of calligraphy to the current situation, knowledge of characters and stories, fascinating and pure.

Due to long-term business trips due to work reasons, offline learning cannot be maintained. The teacher's online courses eliminate time and space constraints.

And because of the flexibility of the course and the dynamic modern explanation, foreign colleagues also learned about traditional Chinese culture through a few videos, and were amazed.

Ancient methods in new clothes, meditation and elegance, calligraphy is a matter of pleasure, and it is easy to learn.  

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