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K u  C hi - C hun

A Thousand Years Art

K u  C hi - C hun

A Thousand Years Art
Seeing the mountain is a mountain, with six screens and a gold foil screen base. 240x180cm.JPG

Ku Chi-Chun Ku Chi-Chun is a Taiwanese artist known for blending oriental media with contemporary themes. In 2021, she obtained the world's only new patented invention of glue color technology. He has served as a national art judge and a judge for international art awards in Germany and China for many times. She has been exhibited at the Louvre Art Shopping Art Fair in France, the Grand Palais Art Fair in Paris, South Korea, China, Germany, Venice, Italy and other art fairs. Her works incorporate the essence of New Oriental humanism, integrating tradition and modernity. , deeply loved by collectors. Ku crosses cultural boundaries to become an important voice of contemporary expression and collaborates with numerous international brands.

Work series

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Mineral Painting Series

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Calligraphy Series


Buddhist Calligraphy


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