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Q & A

Q: What kind of media does the teacher use for drawing?
A: There are different media for different courses! Mainly media in the field of calligraphy and painting, such as ink painting, calligraphy, ink, glue and color painting, etc. In addition, students will also try acrylic paints and watercolors.


Q: Are there recommended introductory books? 
A: Rongbaozhai series of drawings, related books published by Xileng Press, Chinese calligraphy and painting theory, Huifengtang series of copybooks, Erxuanshe series of copybooks, Xueyangshe series of copybooks.


Q: May I ask the source of the teacher's creative handouts in class?
A: The creation handouts are all from the creation of the teacher, or the examples of other painters in the calligraphy and painting collection.


Q: How does calligraphy and painting differ from other arts?
A: Calligraphy and painting art includes calligraphy, ink wash, seal cutting, gelatin and other art categories that are distinguished by media. The characteristic is that all environmentally friendly materials come from nature, unlike watercolor or acrylic oil paintings, which are chemical pigments.


Q: When will the course open for registration? 
A: At present, we only accept group courses such as enterprises or chambers of commerce, educational institutions, associations, art galleries, etc. If you want to take classes, please write to inquire.

    Please send to to make an appointment for a customized group course.

Q: Is it suitable for students who have not learned the basics of painting to take this course?
A: No matter whether you have painting experience or not, you are welcome to participate, except for advanced classes.


Q: Where can I buy art supplies and materials?

Locations of pen and ink shops in various places: 


Q: Do you have recommended paper, ink, paint, and pen?
calligraphy rice paper

  • Processing Xuan: jade plate, cicada, mica

  • Health Proclamation: Two-story Xuan Bachi Single Silk Road

writing brush


  • Glue Phoenix Pigment

  • Cathay Pacific Cotton Paper with Pigment Granules for Ink and Wash 



Q: Will class distinguish between new students and old students? 
A: Not at all, but the teacher of students with a better level will arrange to choose the schedule by themselves.


Q: May I ask the teacher to revise the student's work? 
A: Adjust according to the learning situation, but the teacher will guide from the side rather than revise.


Q: Is every class guided by Teacher Qijun?
A: Depending on the budget of the company and the schedule of the teachers, different teachers will be hired for teaching each time. But don't worry, they are all alumni who graduated from the professional department of the Art University,

Has extensive industry experience. At present, the company's teachers include professors from National Taiwan University of Arts, Taiwan gold medal directors, alumni of Parsons University of the Arts in the United States, and alumni of University of the Arts London in the UK.

Well-known illustrators, artists, etc. If you confirm that you want to hold a course, please contact us via email to arrange the schedule.

Q: May I ask the teacher to make a video during the demonstration?
A: Yes, but please do not upload on public websites without the teacher's consent. Please respect intellectual property rights.


Q: May I ask for leave or make up classes? 
A: This class is a high-quality small class. For the benefit of each other, you must notify the class one day before the class time. Failure to notify is deemed to give up the qualification for making up classes.
After scheduling the make-up class time, if you need to change the time again, you need to notify the change three days in advance. If you fail to attend the class, you will give up the qualification for make-up classes, and you cannot schedule make-up classes again​.


Q: Can students who come to class from other counties and cities ask for leave?
A: Yes, please contact us for the follow-up make-up class time.


Q: Do you have any questions about course refunds?
A: Please inform us 7 days before the start of the class, no refund will be given after the start of the class. For refund, please provide basic information such as real name, contact information, EMAIL, bank account (the bank account must be the same as the name), the refund process must wait 30 days after the start of the course, according to the company's billing date, and bear the third-party payment fee by yourself .

[Full record of teaching plan revision of Die Ying Art Culture Co., Ltd.]



In July 2016, a new [Calligrapher's Dream Project] was added for a period of three months.
August 2016 - New [Art Party Experience Single Course] [Cheongsam Spring Festival Couplets Experience Oriental Beauty Course].
August 2016 - Added [Fashion Flower Painting Course] providing twelve never-withered flowers.

November 2016 - Added [Shishang Macaron Painting and Calligraphy Course] providing Paul Smith with two macaron paintings per person.


In April 2017, a new [Ink Painting Class for Children's Potential Development Guidance] was added.
In June 2017, the art party and calligrapher's dream project course was abolished and changed to [Calligraphy Basic Creation Course].



In 2018, [Twelve foundation courses per month] will be added.


【Creative parent-child Spring Festival couplets course】

Added [School Immediately Online Teaching Ink Dragon], 20 minutes long

A new three-month course, [Interdisciplinary Thinking and Creative Thinking Learning], the age of students is high school.

Added [Parent-child Creative Painting and Calligraphy Equality] course

Added [Children's Art Creation and Auction Half-Day Experience Camp]


Add[Seven Chakra Mandala Glue Color Collage Handmade Course] A class lasts for three hours, and the age group is social


Revised [Seven Chakra Mandala Collage Collage Handmade Course] A class is four hours,social age

Add chakra quizzes, and group activities

Revision 【Seven Chakra Mandala ESG Plastic Paint Aesthetics Course】In-house training courses for multi-day courses (in-house training time arranged by the company)

​Increase the mental and physical career mandala, led by professional career teacher Su Yingru, use professional career health checks to find out life goals and directions

The practical aesthetic drawing course is taught by Mr. Gu Qijun

Add[Experimental calligraphy and painting health preservation philosophy] A class lasts for one and a half hours (the aesthetic time is arranged by the company)Corporate Trainingcourse

Add[Art Career Strategy Consultant] The initial consultation lasts for two hours, and will be consulted online by Su Yingru, Sandy Su, and Gu Qijun.

Add[NFT Consultant] The initial consultation is one hour.

Add[Teaching on NFT shelves] There are three coursesHour.

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