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 "As an Chinese artist, I always want the world to see the beauty of Chinese art. I am dedicated to make it happen rather than wait for it to happen. “

— by Artist Ku Chi-Chun

Her artworks was exhibited in art fairs, galleries and museums worldwide,  including Art Shopping at Le Carrousel du Lourve in the Louvre museum in Paris, the Arizona Capitol Museum in United States, Chinese Character Festival 2017 in Shenzhen, Chinese and Foreigner Artist Art Show 2016 in Beijing, Art Busan 2015 in Korea, Design Festa Gallery in Japan.333 Gallery is her art distributor in Taichung, Taiwan. If you are interested in adding her remarkable artworks to your collection, you can reach out to 333  Gallery at

Chi-Chun on her inspiration behind the artwork: 'When I was on meditation one day, I had a vision in front of me. I saw the lotus flower as the seat of the gods. In Tibetan Buddhism, the mandala is a very powerful symbol. Truth to be told, I am quite a spiritual person. I was exposed to different religions growing up. Being an artist can be extremely lonely sometimes. For me, painting was a way of transforming my pain into art. And I, for one, can relate to the Hero's Journey by Joseph Campbell.'


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